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A Days Work
Look Into My Eyes2
A Walk On The Wild Side12
Biked Bikrd2
Midnight Dream
The Mysteious Lilly
Rickety Bridge_MG_4292

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From The Mind of Barry Schoenholz –Where Art Meets Technology


 Abstract Art is often controversial. Sometimes it is hard to pin down what the artist is saying to you. However I measure my success by the level of thought provoking questions that the art raises.


 Through the nexus of my mind, my camera, and the computer, I believe that I have produced a unique expression of abstract art.


 Often time’s abstract art becomes a license for a lack of structure in the work that has been produced. A piece of work in my opinion only has value to the viewer if it strikes some kind of meaningful reaction for him or her.


 In the end beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder. Sometimes the artist can miss the mark of creating excellence. Other times his audience is not prepared to enjoy the art being presented.


 “Ultimately: Being different is good. It gives us a reason to be ourselves.”(Norman Caldwell.)