Barry Schoenholz: The Man and His Work

Barry Schoenholz’s creative imagery and sensitive eye create a unique nexus between his camera and his eye.


Artist Statement

  Dr. Barry Schoenholz, of Cape Canaveral FL, according to the Flint Journal is an unforgettable guy whose bold personality, somewhat like Dali’s, is reflected in his art.   He’s developed an abstract style for his canvases that really attracts attention.


  Photographer and Digital Artist Schoenholz has long had a passion for making unique and beautiful pictures.  After retirement as school superintendent numerous Michigan and New York districts, he earned an art degree at Collin College (Texas), worked as digital art lab manager, and began changing photographic images into exciting pieces of art. 


  The style that has evolved in recent years reflects a personal infatuation and invigorating approach.  While respect for the subject is shown in each finished work, the artist’s goal is a picture that allows and invites viewers’ contextual interpretations and involvement.


  Barry’s camera becomes the nexus between the reality that exists at a single moment and his mind's eye. The interpretation that his hand ultimately creates for canvas or print is an intriguing surprise.  Subjects have ranged from architectural views to octogenarians.   Barry’s automobile images, which were presented in his Flint (Michigan) Institute of Arts Museum Featured Artist solo exhibit: “Muscle Cars and Motor Madness in 2012”, are ideal examples.

  It matters not whether it is an oil painting, an acrylic, watercolor, photograph, or a sketch on an old piece of loose-leaf paper. Good art transcends the media that it is presented on.

My media of choice is photography and digital design. I believe that photography is an incredible tool for going beyond what is, to what might be. Photography presents the opportunity to take what I see and create an art piece that will challenge the viewers to stretch their personal interpretation of what is and what is not meaningful to them.

While seeking to expand my personal boundaries of what art is. I will challenge you to join me as I use the camera to create a nexus between my minds eye and the reality that exists at the moment. My artistic contribution is to see what others do not see and share my perceptions with them. 


  My goal is create for you a renewed sense of joy of the world around you


AE Backus Museum (2 times)

Flint Institute of Art (20 Pieces)

Audie Murphy Museum (20 pieces of Art)

Coos By Art Museum (3 pieces}

Juried Venues:

The King Center

Titusville art League

Art Gallery of Viera

Art and Antiques

Fifth Avenue Are Gallery

Hang Up Art

Off Centered Art

Palm Bay Library

Cocoa Beach Library 96 timers)

Central Brevard Art Association 0 Best Of Show

Indiana River Photo Club Museum Exhibit

Through The Hoops – Collin College

The Symphony

Commercial Work

Wendy Hunter Architectural Services

Brooklyn Pizza – Brooklyn Bridge

Cusin Good .com


Community Service 

City of Cape Canaveral

Art Work for Community Homepage

Community Service

Watters Creek Shopping Mall - Texas

Allen Philharmonic Symphony

Allen Rotary

Coca Beach Rotary

Lapeer Rotary


Formal Education:

AA.                Collin County College                The Arts

Ed. D.             Hofstra University                     Education

Pr. Dpl.          Hofstra University                      Reading Education

MS.                Queens College                         History Education

BA.                Long Island University                History Education

Keys To The Kingdom 

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