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Barry Schoenholz

                                              Digital Photographic Artist

                                             Where Technology Meets Art

  Barry is a fine art photographer with a different point of view. He specializes in creating images that derive from a photographic process that melds with the visions in his mind that that form a nexus between reality and the creativity of his mind. His pieces are original And go beyond what you would expect.   He calls his artisiitct  process Digital Fusion.

Barry’s camera has become a nexus between his mind’s eye and the reality that exists in front of him at the moment.  His goal is a photograph that produces more than mere words could express, yet allows and invites the viewer’s contextual interpretation and involvement. 


  Barry is a retired educator from New York and Michigan by way of Texas where he earned a degree in fine art specializing in traditional black and white photography and digital imaging.  He also holds an earned doctorate from Hofstra University. 


  Barry currently resides in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  His images can be seen online at www.cruisingoods.com.He also is available as a guest speaker and workshop leader on creating art with the camera.


  Barry can be reached at 321.613.2246 or bschoenholz@gmail.com