I know it when I see it. I know it when I create it.  Good art in my opinion is not limited by your style, methodology or choice of technology. I f a piece of art moves you, and you form an emotional bond with it, or it stimulates your mind to think about it the piece, it is good art.


 It matters not whether it is an oil painting, an acrylic, watercolor, photograph, or a sketch on an old piece of loose-leaf paper. Good art transcends the media that it is presented on.


 My media of choice is photography and digital design. I believe that photography is an incredible tool for going beyond what is, to what might be. Photography presents the opportunity to take what I see and create an art piece that will challenge the viewers to stretch their personal interpretation of what is and what is not meaningful to them.


 I will try not to waste the viewer’s time with the mundane and the ordinary. While seeking to expand my personal boundaries of what art art is I will challenge you to join me as I use the camera to create a nexus between my minds eye and the reality that exists at the moment. My artistic contribution is to see what others do not and share my perceptions with them.


 The end goal is to challenge your perceptions of what art is, and create in you a renewed sense of joy of the world around you.


Thank you. Barry Schoenhoz